A Bit About Me

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Based in Bedford I offer mobile personal training in the surrounding area. 

Mobile personal training is the best of both worlds - greater privacy as we're in your own home or garden, and better value for money as you are benefiting from the expertise of a qualified personal trainer and use of my equipment without the added gym membership cost.  It's time efficient as you don't have to spend time travelling and there's no childcare arrangement headaches.

I believe in coaching and educating clients to make long-term and sustainable changes towards a healthier life. My main passion lies in helping women become confident about exercise, especially weight training, and the many benefits that this and simple nutritional changes can have on their body and mind. 

A huge number of people from all walks of life benefit from working with personal trainers like myself, and their goals and aspirations have equal variety. Whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress, learn something new, tone up, train for a specific event, or improve their health, having someone to help you create a plan of action and be there week in, week out supporting, guiding and motivating you to achieve your goals is priceless. 

If you have any questions about how mobile training may work for you, please get in touch, and I can answer any questions you have. 

Qualifications: Level 3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training, Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance, Level 2 Certificate in Rowing Coaching, MSc Musculoskeletal Health and Sports Science